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Nov 18

Flooring Alternatives

Your home flooring defines the boundaries of your space. When you choose a flooring type to carpet your floor, you are virtually looking at the impeccability of the impression it creates. One may often ignore other important factors that make flooring alternatives all the more versatile. Your flooring must be stain resistant, deliver a sultry …

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Nov 17

Revamp Your Home With This Easy Guide to Granite Tile Installation

granite tile

Granite is an igneous rock, absolutely strong and durable (normally built to last long). They are highly water resistant, hence used in kitchens and bathrooms more commonly. These tiles are spill proof and scratch proof as well. Granite tiles are also great in keeping away the growth of bacteria, so are absolutely hygienic. Granite is …

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Nov 11

Rubber Flooring Options

Rubber flooring has today become a popular alternative to the expensive flooring tiles. These are considered as good picks for gracing various floor areas, including indoor and outdoor spaces. Basements and staircases are much commonly covered using classy flooring these days. Have a look at the latest collection of rubber flooring and you would be …

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Nov 10

Floor Tile Patterns and Designs

Tile products have undergone a tremendous change in recent years and there are many options for customers to choose from. The tile patterns are available in different shapes such as brick, square, diamond, herringbone, checkerboard and many more. Mosaic tiles come in a variety of shapes and their size is not more than 2 inches. …

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Nov 07

Unbelievably Magnetic Floor Tile Patterns That Totally Rule

Floor tile patterns can enhance the look of any room. However, most of us are stuck with the boring square grids on our floors. What we do not realize is that there are a host of great floor patterns which can jazz up your space without it having to hit your budget expenditure to a …

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